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Last hunting season I only used the 260 (in my Ruger 77 Compact with the 16.5 inch barrel) with the 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet. It did a fine job on the deer, pigs, and coyotes, but I have since switched to the 100 grain Ballistic Tip for a flatter trajectory out to 350 or 400 yards (a trajectory that intentionally duplicates what my 270 does). If I'd had a 22 inch barrel I'd probably have stayed with the 120 grain bullet. I have to say that the 120 grain bullet is amazingly deadly. Nothing I shot took even one step, except one 9 point buck that took maybe 5 steps. Anyway, to get to your question, the 100 grain Partition will do an excellent job, but so will most everything else that was mentioned. As for the guys using the 140 grain bullet, I'm sure that does a fine job also, but I can't see the need for the heavier bullet unless you are shooting something bigger than a Whitetail. And at 300 to 400 yards, do you really need a super high BC? With the short barrel and the 120 grain bullet, I used a rather warm load of Reloader 17. With the 100 grain Nosler, I use a near-max load of IMR 4064. It's a great caliber. I've said I'm a Ballistic Tip fan, but in the last couple of years I've seen great results in accuracy and downrange performance from SST's and Sierra Gamekings. All good bullets. And as for the suggestions about wanting the bullet to stay in the animal, I disagree. I want an exit and a good blood trail, just in case I make less than a great shot. It happens.
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