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Personally, I feel the Partitions are too heavy for deer-sized game. I'm 100% sold on Hornady SST's for whitetail hunting. They are basically a ballistic tip design with a slightly thicker (.015") and stiffened jacket to delay the expansion on medium-sized/thin-skinned game such as the whitetail. I've been loading them for a couple of years and have had excellent success with them. The main body of the bullet is designed similar to the InterLock bullet to ensure adequate penetration and energy transfer. I've shot several deer with the SST and they were all dead before their chin hit the dirt. No tracking needed. I call them "anchor bullets" and DRT's (Dead Right There). Shot placement is critical so find a good bullet that hits where you point it. After all, you can kill them with a broom straw if you know where to put it.

I load the 130gr in .270 over 51gr of IMR 4350, 165gr in .30/06 over 53gr of IMR 4350 and the 117gr in .25/06 over 50gr of IMR 4350.

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