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[facepalm] sigh [/facepalm]

The point in posting this was to show everyone, especially those who think nothing is happening, that there is actually more going on than at first glance.

When going over the Current 2A Cases list, I was amazed at how many cases were actually at the circuit level. It's hard to tell, when you just browse those first 5 posts.

Look at what will happen in the next couple of weeks! Orals for Lane will be heard today. On the 21st, briefs in Schrader will be due. On the 23rd, briefs from Moore, Shepard and Woolard will be due. On the 29th, briefs in Piszczatoski will be due. On June 4th, another brief in Schrader. On June 6th, orals for Hightower. On June 8th, orals for Moore/Shepard... Also opening brief for Enos will be due.

In the big picture, a lot of things are happening this summer. Should we get conflicting opinions at these circuits (circuit splits), this bodes well for a SCOTUS cert for the 2012-2013 session.
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