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Originally Posted by that crazy bloke down under
I asked if the Serial number started with a 3 ... the letter prefix is not a number and is largely irrelevant to identifying BSA No4T's. It is the first number of the series that is key to their identity, that being more often than not, the number 3.

A serial number can have a letter prefix, but the letter prefix is not a number, it is merely part of the serial series. You will note also the Serial numbers on my No8 case match the correct number format for a No4T; ie, B33279. This was the tenor of my question ...
Come on Tiki, you know the 'serial number' includes 'any' perfix or suffix, but I did know what you were getting at.

If the stock is original to the rifle you should have an S56 stamp on the underside of the butt stock.
Typo? It well be marked S51 under the comb (bottom)

Originally Posted by mtbikerwvu
Nothing in the metal of the butt socket and nothing on the wood area that fits up into the socket.
Butt stock has been replaced at one time, not unheard of.
There's a guy in BC, Canada that builds transit chests and sells them on evil bay and at Evil bay has original No32's often, study to pic's well, there are fakes. Expect to pay up to $1500 and another 4-600 to have it rebuilt.

Originally Posted by mtbikerwvu
The gun seems legit to me but I am sure it has been through refurb at some point. I am beginning to think it might be a rifle that was never paired with a scope originally.
The rifle certainly appears legit to me. The staking of the pad screws looks legit. It is possible this rifle was not mated to a scope at H&H. Interesting it went through Weldon Arsenal.

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