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Going to have to check out the k-31 I want something real accurate with iron sights
I just had back surgery so have been avoiding rifles and mostly concentrating on pistols
But starting to think I will be able to take the recoil again soon so the k-31 sounds perfect
I just remember what the m-44 and k-98’s were going for a few years back
But hunting stuff was more important than collecting was
and figured I would get them eventually
But missed the boat supply dried up and the prices skyrocketed
It seems like the newest supply release for pistols and best prices are on the p-64 and cz82 but there too new so not a lot of interest for me even though I did pick up a couple of p-64’s for me and the wife
I think that anything chambered for 7.62x25 and the p1-38 supply is drying up and is going to jump up in price soon so picked up a Romanian ttc and have a cz52 on order with czeckpoint I just love the tokerav round and the ttc
also was just offered a cz 57 for my marlin papoose supposed to make the trade on Thursday
Btw I have a lot of .40 brass if anyone wants it? If you live anywhere close to Milwaukee ill hold on to it until we can meet up otherwise after you get it if you would just PayPal me back for the shipping
just pm me
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