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No patterns perse', somebody posted something up in one of the Enfield forums ages ago but I have no idea where it was now. It was the dimensions for the No4 transit box. A bloke in my neck of the woods makes replica's that look spot on, but I like having an original and that is what I have.

Another question ... does your butt stock bear the S51 stamp on the heel? There are reasons to ask this because serial numbers can be faked and stamped onto rifle stocks but there are some stamps that have a special font, that can't be duplicated unless you have those armorers stamps. The S51 stamp has the S in sans serif ... if you don't have this stamp then it is likely your stock isn't legit.

To clarify before ... the scope number will be on the top of the butt stock near the wrist, the rifle serial number should be on the top of the butt stock socket when removed. So you can check if this stock is original or not by removing the butt stock and checking the socket is stamped with the rifles serial number. Only No4T's are like this, so if there is nothing there, you don't have an original No4T stock. Odds of finding the matching scope, remote.

EDIT - Looking at the image of the butt stock you posted, I can't see the important S51 stamp at all. Can you post a clearly picture showing the middle section of the butt stock underside + heel?

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