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My experience has led me to realize that one rifle can do alot, but not everything.

I have always owned bolt-action rifles, then abandoned them, went down the "battle rifle" road and realized they didn't really fit what I needed either and am now back into a bolt-action.

I have learned that for a .308 caliber rifle, weight is a consideration. IMO to get the most from the caliber, the rifle should be scoped. Scoped "battle rifles" are just too awkward and heavy for my purposes. This experience brought me back to the bolt action in this caliber.

Regarding the AK-47/AR-15, I bought my SLR-95 long ago because I wanted an intermediary round in a semi-auto platform, I had went down the SKS road initially but "learned" the AK was a better platform, at least from this version of the AK.

I had always discounted AR rifles due to two main reasons, one is the direct impingement gas system, the other was the caliber. I have no use for the .223 caliber.

When AR's became available in alternative calibers (6.8spc) I began looking hard at them. What was offered in the AR in this caliber was much harder hitting ability in the same platform. I eventually got over my direct impingement bias and decided this was the rifle for me.

Had a 6.8spc AR been available when I bought my SLR-95, I probably wouldn't have bought the SLR-95 and not owned an AK at all. I am pragmatic and don't like overlap. But since I already own it and since it is a nice specimen I probably won't get rid of it.
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