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Well i got all my problems sorted out and loaded a good 100 rounds of the 500SW, 1000 of the 45ACP, and 500 .308s. Reloads not only save me money but make my guns tons more accurate.

Since the last post though i have sold my Lee Turret Setup with the .308 dies and my .308 and picked up a .357 Magnum. All the extra money i had left went into a Dillon XL650 with the BrianEnos As it Should Be Upgrade.and all the necessary parts to get me setup for my calibers. Everything should be here Thursday and i am ecstatic.

Next paycheck I plan on picking up a few of the Deluxe Quick Change kits, and a few other odds and ends. Then it will be time to build a 300WSM with my saved reloading money. Also going to be getting the CV2001 tumbler as my hornady went with my Turret press.
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