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He asks a reasonable question.his reasons for wanting it are irrelevant he wants one. What was the point of those fifty round drums for the 1911 someone wanted one. I am sure he could have done that math on his own something people need to figure out is that the poster isn't asking "hey guys I have an idea would you please tell me why I'm stupid!" He asked a valid question and your post does not contain a valid answer. This has become an epidemic around here.

I apologize for derailing also to the OP I'll keep looking and let you know if I find anything.

Sorry for any grammar issues posting from my phone is hard.
According to the gun designer of The Matrix.
Larry & Andy Wachowski: Who uses a .50 Desert Eagle?
Gun Designer: A wanker.
Wachowskis: No, who are they made for?
Designer: Wankers.
Wachowskis: Our wankers in this film want Desert Eagles.
Designer: Your film.
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