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A pistol loading stand simply holds the revolver upright during loading and is a useful and inexpensive item to have.
Some folks make their own.
Some designs fold flat while others don't, and some are made to be adjustable to fit different size guns.

A loading press is used to ram the balls into the chambers when loading off of the frame. It's another useful item to have for loading and ramming extra cylinders faster and easier, especially with the revolvers that have a top strap design with easier cylinder removal.
It's helps to ram conical bullets too, especially if the don't easily fit in the ramming port of the frame.
Some short barrel guns do have a shorter ramming lever handle and some folks will place a plastic tube or piece of pipe over it to use as a cheater bar to increase leverage.

Buffalo Arms lists these as loading stands but they're more commonly referred to as a loading presses.

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