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I'm biased towards my favorites...K-31's and Swedish M38's. Neither was made in extremely large numbers around 500K for the K-31's and around 70-80K for the M38's. Both are as accurate and well made as people say they are and reloading for them is cheap and easy. Swedish Mausers are extremely well made and the 6.5x55 is a pleasure to shoot. I've ended up buying 3 in the last year...a M96, M38 and CG63.
I'd also look at Swedish M96's and M1917's. With the prices of '03 and Garands going up faster and faster, and M1 Cabines being ridiculously high, I think it's a safe bet at some point the M1917's will follow and being 30-06 finding ammo would never be a problem.
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