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What is your use going to be?

You need to define your usage 1st before you make a decision.

If this is purely range/potential defensive use. 2 Good quality AR-15s one as primary, one as backup and then get a M&P 15/22 as a supplemental low cost training aid. Focusing on a single manual of arms is very good, particularly if you don't/won't be able to practice alot to keep up your "skills" with different action types. I shoot alot, and if I am shooting a pump shotgun, sometimes I forget to cycle it if I have been shooting autos/doubles for a while without using a pump. (Or try to pump an automatic, done that too.)

If you are just wanting something to have fun with and learn or historical collecting. Get one of each, they are all fun to shoot, and very interesting in and of themselves.

If you are wanting a serious hunting gun, go with a bolt action with a good quality magnified optic. While you can use a M1A for hunting, you will wish you hadn't if you do anything other than drive up on your ATV and sit in a tree. If you have to walk very far at all, you will wish for lighter weight.

For a general purpose do everything rifle? I don't think such a thing exists. Just like you can't really use one hammer for everything you need a hammer for.

You will have to pick what your most likely use is going to be and get something that fits that application the best.
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Good luck.
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