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I sold mine over 20 yrs ago,so this is a little fuzzy.

Don't get mad and break anything!Once again,I have forgotten,but I'll try.

I may have things out of order,but I think the bolt has to be back for the extractors to be back out of the extractor notches in the barrel.

The action bar has to be slid forward out of the window so the forward section can rotate.I forget how,but there is a widget or someting to disconnect the hook on the action bar from the slide

Then,when you push that button through on the mag tube and rotate 1/4 turn,the interrupted thread will allow you to push the mag tube forward.The shank of the mag tube has to disengage the rear receiver section before it can rotate.

I do not have one here to look at,but key,the extractors,the action bar,and the mag tube all have to be clear before it can take down.

That may be enough for you to get it done.

There are a lot of parts in a 97.Get all the video,takedown books,etc you can find.Study till you understand before you start.
If there is a group of cowboy shooters near,they may have a 97 guru.

Or,maybe if there is an old gunsmith around,he can walk you through it.

I think a large number of the 97's that are now cowboy shooting rose up out of basket case cigar boxes under benches....from when someone took them apart to clean them.

Good luck!
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