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Going to argue the other way and say the Ruger is the way to go.

For a PRACTICAL rather than TACTICAL rifle the Ruger beats the M1A.

1. Easier maintenance in both short and long term. Compare how many spare parts you would need to stock to keep an M1A running vs a Bolt gun.
2. Less fussy on ammunition. I reload and on an autoloader I have to FL size while with the Ruger I just neck size. BIG time savings. Shoots cast lead bullets just fine.
3. Weight. As has been mentioned, the average M1A is much heavier than the GSR. Not an isue at the bench, but when you have to carry the darn thing around........
4. Easier to suppress. Comes threaded for a 30 cal can. (Thompson Machine THIRTY can on order.)

If I need to send lots of lead downrange I have my Mini-14s for that
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