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Having lusted for an M1A Scout for the last 5 years, I own two Rugers GSRs and still have not purchased an M1A Scout. I always want the M1A, but boy when I pick one up and feel the heft of 9.3lbs of gun.... the idea of filling the magazine and adding another pound of rings and glass just kills it for me.

The Ruger starts at 7lbs, the poly mags are about 3oz, and a Leupold VX-II Scout weighs out to 6.6oz, add whatever rings and ammo. Probably totals out at around 8.2 - 8.5lbs. Loaded up it is still lighter than the base weight of an M1A Scout.

Now the Ruger GSR is a 1.5 - 2 MOA bolt gun in general. I base that statement on information from the scout rifle forums and from my own experiences with standard factory ammo. As with most bolt guns, some sand paper and acraglass will improve that. I have no idea what an M1A is capable of without the whole national match package, nor am I sure what to do about it if it not as accurate as I want.

Now weight is not the only factor in choosing a "do it all" gun but it is a big one for me. I still fight with myself over this, and this thread wont help anything .

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