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Holster STINK

OK - to borrow a phrase from the late George Carlin - I opened the handgun safe and the stink that came from within could knock a buzzard off a $ wagon.

I'm a leather holster guy - when the weather gets hot my IWB gets damp with sweat.
I have since learned to remove the pistols and place them in the safe sans-holster and leave them on top of the rifle safe to air out overnight which is helping.

I've taken the pistol safe outside to air out all weekend and the smell is abating, but I think it needs a little more air time as the open cell foam has taken on a smell of its own.

What do you all do (if anything) to keep the leather from smelling like a swamp?
Are there cleaners/conditioners/magic bean juice out there to keep them cleaner/smelling like a spring day?


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