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Thanks for the feedback.

To answer some of your questions:

My accuracy potential / best groups. My Rem 700 in 340 Wetherby with a 225 grain bullet shoots consistently under 1 inch groups at 100 yrds. Last moose taken at about 350 yards and I put it in the boiler room.

Barrel: I don't know what the barrel twist ratio is. I will contact Rem to find out. I assume they can tell me based on the Ser #.
The barrel mount screw is tight.
The barrel is not fully free floated. It makes a bit of contact at the base of the barrel, but no heavy contact points. I will consider glass bedding.

Cleaning: Clean the gun religiously after each use. No issue there.

Scope: Have used 2 different scopes. Bushnell 4x and a Redfield 3X9. Both have Duplex cross hairs. Scope mounts are Weaver. All fittings are tight. Same results for both scopes.

I'll try some lighter bullets to see how that works. I have not used a bullet lighter that 100gr on deer, so I am a bit reluctant to go lighter. Then again, bullet design has come along way and maybe my concerns are not warranted.

Next I'll try switching to 4064 powders.
I don't want to mess with too many variables once.

Any other suggestions??

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