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I'll take a stab at it!!

Questions: How reliable are the Cimarron or Uberti reproduction models?
Very reliable. I like Uberti and I also like Pietta about the same. I don't have a Cimarron. Opinions here vary as much as Ford/Chevy about the Pietta/Uberti thing though.
If timing issues occur, who can tune these firearms?
You can. It's not difficult and there are many here who will help you through it. If you don't like working on them, there are bp smith's who are members here too.
How difficult is cleaning?
After shooting, a quick clean takes me about 20 minutes, a full tear-down clean (about every 4th shooting) takes me about an hour. Again. . . YMMV greatly depending on what constitutes "clean" to you and your comfort level of tearing one down.
Is it necessary to have a loading block at the range? (hope that terminology is correct...?)
You will need a box or something with your caps, wads, grease, balls, powder and powder measuring device(s). Some use a loading device other than the lever on the pistol. The one on the pistol works fine for me. That is another thing for you to choose.
Can these firearms be dry-fired with spent caps in place?
Usually, no. Most of the time the spent cap is split or destroyed. If it remains, it will be quite flat and you could snap it a time or so, but it wouldn't take more than a couple of blows to render it an insufficient cushion for the nipples.
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