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some newbie questions: please step inside

Hey All,
I have been shooting firearms since the early 1980s, and have been an infantry paratrooper who served in plenty of firearms experience.....


Looking to get into percussion revolvers....(reproductions, not antiques)
I am a lover of historical fiction, and love the firearms from the period of the 1840s to the late 1880s.

My "want" list is: 1860 Army revolver (short barrel model)
1858 Remington (5.5" barrel)
and some sort of "pocket" revolver ("police" model)

Questions: How reliable are the Cimarron or Uberti reproduction models?
If timing issues occur, who can tune these firearms?
How difficult is cleaning?
Is it necessary to have a loading block at the range? (hope that terminology is correct...?)
Can these firearms be dry-fired with spent caps in place?

Many more questions to follow, if I should actually start down this road.
Any and all advice and tips are appreciated!
When two of equal skill meet at swords' point, there is no conclusion to the match--Takuan Soho (written in 1629)
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