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6mm Rem Accuracy

My favorite deer rifle of all time is my trusty Rem 700 in 6mm Rem. It's my favorite mainly for sentimental reasons. It was my first rife and I paid for it myself at the age 12 by saving paper route money. (first job/first major purchase). My son has worked hard to earn the rifle, and it's now passing on to another generation.

Anyway, the rife has never been a real tack driver. I can get is 2-3 inch groups with factory rounds. More that good enough for the MANY deer it has taken over the years.

I am looking for suggestions on what to do to improve accuracy. I have not done much for working up loads. The best I have found is 42gr 4350 w/ 100gr Nozer Partitions, Federal primers - with 4 shot groups approximately 2 inches from the bench. I played around with H380 powder, and groups got even larger.

I am going to start looking into bullet seating depth, and install an after market trigger.

I would really appreciate any advise you guys have on different loads to try, or any other tips you many have.


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