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With regard to your liability question, what extreme would you like to use?
The extreme that comes to mind is one that's really no an extreme at all.

Dog shows up at my house. I feed this dog for a couple years. He sleeps and loafs around my house. When he's out running the neighborhood and gets hungry he knows since I've been feeding him for the last couple years, right where to come to get his groceries. Yet I have never officially claimed him,taken him to the vet, bought tags for him, etc. He's around my house cause I kept feeding him.
One day the dog jumps on a neighbor kid and chews him up. Should I be held accountable or should I be able to tell LE or DW the dogs not mine?

My basic take on the lot, though, is that animals behave like animals.
Agree, and so many times are behaving the way they are due to the direct actions of an irresponsible human.
Another short story:
A fellow worker(jerk) I used to work with, used to come into work bragging about doing his monthly cat extermination around his farm. He had 15-20 adult cats that were continually breeding, throwing litters of kittens. This moron would gather up the kittens in a burlap bag and sling em in the creek. He must have thought it made him look tuff or something cause he always came into work bragging about doing this.
I'd usually walked off but had just had enough one day and told him off quite proper. He stood there with his mouth agape when I told him (among things not permissible to repeat here on TFL) the secret to having animals is being smarter then the animal. And why didn't he take the responsibility of having the adult cats fixed so they wouldn't have offspring. His only response was he couldn't afford to have all the cats fixed.
My response, as I walked off PO'ed was, he had to many cats then.

He and I never really speak much after that.

I've known quite a few guys who liked to shoot things because they could. I am not one of those guys, but there are a lot of them out there.
Yes there are. I'm not one of those but make no bones about eliminating strays as needed as humanely as possible.
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