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Updating Triple K Holster and Gun Belt for CAS

Hoping somebody can help me out or point me to where I can get some help. I recently purchased two Triple K Cheyenne holsters, and a Triple K belt with cartridge loops. The belt is not a buscadero, it is just a straight belt.

I would like to cut two small slits in the top third of the belt, so I can hang the holsters through the slits, instead of over the top edge of the belt. I would make the slits at an angle so the holsters don't hang straight down and keep them from sliding around. My question, what do I have to do to make sure the edge of the slits does not tear from the weight of my pistols?

In addition, I would like to attach a suede back to the belt, to tighten it up a bit (my hip size is exactly between a medium and large belt size) and make it so it does not slip. Will the suede need to be sewn to the belt, or would gluing it work just as well?

Thanks for the help.
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