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Funny, where I grew up (Maine suburbs) indoor cats were a rarity. Cats roamed; that's what cats did.
Yep, that's what they did in the neighborhood I grew up in as well. And the non cat owners of the neighborhood didn't like it any better then than they do today. The same laws that apply to dogs should apply to felines as well. IMO, again, part of responsible pet ownership whether the pet be lions,tigers,bears, K9's or cats is keep them at your own house.
I've got my own to take care of.

Where I presently live, we have a neighbor that puts dog and cat food out on their side porch for all the strays people tend to drop off in rural areas. This area is notorious for stray, unwanted pets. These same neighbors can't seem to figure out why they can't keep coons from burrowing under their house and don't understand why they have such a rat/mouse/opposum problem. The old guy called me about the coons living in their crawl space. As we were talking he also explained that he didn't understand the rat/mouse problem in his house with all the cats around.
With respect, I suggested that they not put out on their porch a daily ten course meal for every rodent known to man. He replied that he/wife felt sorry for all the strays people drop off and feel the need to feed them.

At any rate, these strays eventually make their way down the lane to my house were they are eventually eliminated. Now I've got animals and am responsible for their health and vet bills. Their are many diseases transmitted from animal to animal and since I care for my pets, I don't feel the obligation to have one of my pets get sick cause some irresponsible human let their pets run free or didn't want them any more and dropped them off in the country.

As many as I've eliminated over the years, there just never seems to be an end to the supply.

My parents regularly put out food and water for their semi-adopted cat, yet she still roams the neighborhood where they live. Turns out four or five families have adopted that same cat, and they also put out food and water
I have a question for you along the lines of regularly setting food out for strays.

If a person is setting food out for a 'semi-adopted' stray and that stray causes another person harm or financial hardship, should the semi-adoptive owner/owners be held responsible for damages?

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