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Funny, where I grew up (Maine suburbs) indoor cats were a rarity. Cats roamed; that's what cats did.

There was even a speech written on this (before I was born) by Adlai Stevenson, regarding a leash law bill.

Meanwhile, based on the past couple days, the threat to birds around here seems to come from my west facing windows... Woodpecker yesterday, Starling this morning... We should ban windows, or require images of raptors or snakes be painted on them.

Edit: Another thought - How many of the people here, who are ostensibly worried about damage to bird populations (stated primary reason for wanting to shoot or control feral cats) were in favor of killing the Keystone Pipeline? I ask this because my in-laws (bird watchers, though my FIL is also a turkey hunter) were opposed to the Keystone, as it would have run fairly close to where we live, and theoretically threatened bird populations in Nebraska and Missouri in the event of a spill. Yet an awful lot of people were more concerned about possible pipeline building jobs, or possible reductions in net oil prices, than they were about birds.

So, again, what makes people any better than or different from cats?

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