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Magizine Issue

I bought my SR22 at the end of Feb and probably have put 5000 rounds thru it. Only CCI and Winchester and never had a problem, not 1 issue until last weekend the spring in one of my mags somehow let go and was all jammed up at the bottom of the mag. We managed to fix it but every since that issue I've started having some fail to feeds. I stopped using the mag with the bad spring but am having the fail to feed with the other mag as well. It's not a consistant issue but it seems to be happening more & more. I usually put 400 to 900 rds thru it each time we go out to the desert. It always gets cleaned after each use. I absolutley LOVE this gun! It's fun and easy to shoot & maintain. I'm pretty accurate with it for close & long distance both. I just ordered two more mags for it & hoping that Ruger's mags for this gun are just a poor build/design. I appreciate all of your comments/reviews about this gun. I have a 9XD Springfield that I love just as much just a bit more expensive to shoot. My favorite targets are watermelons & apples, no garbage to clean up, it feeds the critters and they really blow apart when hit, especially with the 9.
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