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I am not clear on a couple of things. Why would you use wood blocks? And I am confused about the setup. You first seem to be saying you are putting the barrel in the blocks then you talk about a barrel wrench.

The normal practice is to use bronze or steel bushings in the barrel vise, then use a receiver wrench with an insert made specifically for a given receiver.

Sometimes (rarely, but some times) a barrel just won't give without use of excessive force (an experienced gunsmith will know when the force becomes excessive); that is when you give up on barrel removal.

It sounds like you may be at that point and further that you don't need to remove the barrel anyway.

"I mean how does one blue one part in salts and the other slow rust????"

You don't. You polish the barrel the way you want it. Then you bead blast or fine sand blast the receiver, masking off the polished barrel, and then tank blue the whole thing. The receiver will look like the original Winchester 70 receiver.

If you insist on rust bluing the receiver, you can polish and tank blue the whole gun, then remove the bluing from the receiver with bluing remover and rust blue it, which you can do without touching the blued barrel.

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