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Acraglas has a built-in "fiber". As it cures, it forms a lattice structure at the molecular level. It becomes it's own fiber, so to speak ... For added strength, metal or other particles/fibers can be mixed with it. … but you don’t need that for a standard bedding job. Used straight will do just fine.

Some stick epoxies also contain fiber but not all fiber is equal. Without going into strength, length, types, etc … of fibers and bonding agents that work with them … cause it even bores me silly … I’ll just say that I dunno what the JB Stick has in it, but have used it (on non-gun stuff) … and thin layers were prone to crack.

EDIT : Looked up JB stick .. It's steel filled ... a decent product for some things, by the way. I prefer Propoxy, but can't always find it.
Also looked up Acraglas. I don't think I was too misleading about it. It's the stuff I was thinking about when I mentioned Brownells.
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