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I was thinking that the putty would make for a cleaner easier application but I also thought it may be too thick. This will be my first attempt at bedding. I have no doubt I can do the work necessary just not sure of the best material to use. I don’t want to use fiberglass it's way too messy and way too hard to work. I’ve worked with it in the past for other jobs. I watched a video of a fellow bedding using Devcon. I used Devcon many years ago for metal repair and it didn’t have any fiber in it so I didn’t even think about using fiber in the bedding material. While I was waiting for a reply I looked at ACRAGLAS GEL on Brownell’s. Do you know if it contains fiber? I also thought about using regular JB Weld. I’ve worked with it quite a bit, but it doesn’t contain fiber either. I have some fiberglass cloth I can cut up for fiber material if I need to add it to the ACROGLASS GEL or “regular two part” (in tubes) JB Weld. Your help/advice is appreciated!
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