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Range Report Toolslingers .54

Some may remember my adventures with this Cabelas Sporterized Hawken. It is in reality an Investarms Italy ,basically the same thing as a Lyman Trade Rifle cept it has nifty checkering and a rubber butt pad.
Well after I made the barrel actually fit the stock(since Cabellas no longer accepts returns on black powder guns) I also made a nifty leather cover for the recoil pad ,chucked the cheesy rear sight and installed a Lyman 57 peep sight.

Well today I finally got to get her real dirty Sorta sighted in and tested with 60 grains Goex, both .530 and .535 Hornady RB and 3 different style patches.
1st 3 rounds: sight set on all zeros , .530 round balls, .10 moosemilk prelubed patches.

Oh I forgot by this time I had moved to 25 yards.
50 feet, the tape is 1 inch and this is also my first rifle rounds in about 4 years... dang I can't see anymore.
5 hours or so later, swabbed after every shot with Windex with vinegar, the last 6 shots
60 grains holy black, .535 round ball ,storebought prelubed, precut patch

One of the black rifle shooters was kind enough to give me a target since I forgot mine.
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