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When i lived in Apache Junction, AZ I shot indoor at The Caswells range in Mesa just east of Mesa Drive. Outdoor I shot at the Usrey Pass range also in mesa.

Now that I live in Eastern AZ, I have several options. I have a 25 yd range for sighting in and load test off my front porch. About 50 yards I have a 300 yard range set up.

When my exSeal friend comes over with his 50cal or 338 we have up to a mile range laid out just east of my home.

The only problem is that the Marines and Air Farce Helos often stray out of their designated training area and use our back stop, (1000 foot hill) as a terrain masking feature. One Saturday they flew through our range at about 150 feet and continued over my home at the same altitude. Since I notified the flight safety people they have stopped violating the flight minimums.
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