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Well, well, well,,,,, the ole thirty vs .270 win thread...... I love them equally, myself because I'm lucky, I have two 30-06's and one fantastic.270 win.
And before I tell you why they are equal (to me) I wanna tell you that the recoil on my son's Rem 700,(hard plastic buttplate) is the worst of the two 30-06, as far as recoil. This friday past I purchased a Savage 111, 30-06, that is another sub-moa shooter and it has a decent recoil pad on it, so the point I'm trying to make is that, up to friday I could spend all day at the range shooting my Savage 110, .270 win, cause it doesn't recoil as much as the 30-06. Back to that Reminton 700, trying to shoot it past maybe three groups of three rnds kinda gets painful, but it's a 1/4 moa shooter. My 110 is a 1/4 moa shooter also.

Between the two, if I were to get a moose tag, I'd opt for the 30-06, loaded with some 180 Nosler Partitions.
If I were to go on a trip to Wyoming, to shoot speed goats, I'd pack my .270 win, and plenty of 130 grn Ballistic tips.

The difference's in these cartridges aren't hugely different but confidence, I'll say it again confidence in either is the main thing.

just my buck fitty fellas, yes I really do love them equally!
Thanks for coming!
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