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The talked about conservation, but I wondered what they were thinking to try to conserve wild pigs.
I think it depends on how you look at wild pigs. Some think of them as a nuisance to be eradicated while others consider them a legitimate game animal (fun to hunt and good to eat). It seems the fish and game folks feel they are game, and if they don't control hog hunting (require tags) the population will be reduced below a sustainable level.

Some say wild hogs are game and should be treated like deer while others point out that deer are native and hogs aren't. In my county, once relatively wild hog free, they have become a nuisance in the last decade, or so. As AllenJ suggests, politics and game management make poor bed fellows.

From the "game warden" TV programs I've watched, there seems to be a commonality among poachers: Hunting regulations aren't the only laws they feel free to ignore.
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