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Ammo prices are also important...
Yessiree they are. Back in '86 when I first bought my Swedish Mauser, it cost me $70 OTD w/ ammo running $25/box of 20. I was like...

I learn...

Nowadays try finding milsurp ammo cheap! (Hah) .303 or 8mm, .30-06 or even 7.62x39, it all dries up eventually.

Buy a Finn in 7.62x54r if it's an accurate MN you're after. And a few thousand rounds of ammo for it. (tho you'll do better with reloads or new factory fodder I suspect)

K31 and some GP11. Get one (or two) now! Ammo. Stock up.

Any old .22lr will be affordable to feed. There are a lot of them on the C&R list. My Dad loved the old Winchester 90s and 06 pumps for good reason.

Do the CMP thing and get a Garand. Or anything they offer.

That 03 license can kill your bank account because you save so much money, let me tell you... why... do you know how much it would cost to manufacture a K31 nowadays?...
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