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3 o'clock IWB with a cheap uncle mikes ballistic nylon holster single metal belt clip. My belt is a $10 wally world job. Its probably not the best setup and I'm sure if you got $150 smackers invested in leather it would make it feel a smidge better but for under $25 bucks its very easy and possible to do. Now if the situation allows for baggier clothing I usually grab my Fobus OWB paddle holster and in this situation I could see a stiffer belt working a little better for me cause if I don't pull tight the top of the gun can lean out a little more than I like. Point is if you can drop the chedder for the good stuff you're probably better off but if you just can't afford the finer stuff or are like me and just a cheapskate fear not cause the run of the mill stuff works well.
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