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C0untZer0, you missed my point. A so-called "veto-proof" majority isn't really veto-proof. If the billed passed with the required 60% of votes, it still has to go to the Governor who will then veto it. The legislature can then attempt to override that veto, but this is a much bigger move politically than the original vote. As such, it's almost guaranteed that there are some reps who would vote to pass the bill originally, but not to override a veto.
Scimmia you're right, the bill would have to come back for another vote and there are two factors:

1) It gives antis time to work on getting back a few no votes. It doesn't take much, as has been said - some targeted spending in a legislator's district, some jobs.

2) Voting for something and voting to overturn a veto by a governor who is a member of your own party are two different things.

I think Phelps might have been a little optimistic as far as the timeline though. Last year they created the Firearm Public Awareness Task Force, to look into RTC in Illinois:

Even if they do have the votes lined up, they haven't gotten the report back from that committee. The task force might complete it's report by next week, but I don't see the House voting on the report immediately upon recieving it.

So I don't think it's going to happen as soon as the news report indicates, but it's still an exciting story.
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