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The eraser ...point shot well enough to pass.
Exactly. I was beating around the bush a bit because I didn’t want to take flak about bringing up point shooting.
I focus on the target with both eyes open … and may be the completely wrong thing to do for most people . I teach people to focus on the front sight, but find it difficult and clumsy to do myself. When I’m shooting a pistol with defense in mind, I’m aware of the sight picture as a fuzzy image aligned with the target in focus.
Shooting "bullseye style", I focus on the sight, with the target fuzzy. . I get eyestrain when shooting "bullseye" for too long.

I don’t think all eyes and associated vision circuitry are created equal. Some would say that’s just a cop-out for not learning what I teach others. I think it’s working with what I have, vision-wise.
My eye dominance shifts depending on what I’m doing and I can consciously choose one or the other as dominant. Shifting back and forth causes an odd sensation of my surroundings gently "rocking" a little. Mostly, I’m right eye dominant and right handed. Shooting left handed, eyes naturally shift to left-dominant. (Hand preference also shifts depending on what I’m doing.)
I've also noticed that I lose the ability to focus close-up under high stress or anger. At times, I've had to wait until I calmed down before I could read normal print ... without straining really hard, that is.

Out of curiosity … When you hold the pencil in your left hand, does your eye dominance shift ?
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