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+1 on the gun belt. A thin, soft belt that flexes makes any gun seem heavier and bulkier.

I use a leather belt from Sam Andrews for dressier occasions, and a polyurethane reinforced rigger's belt with a non-metallic buckle from Talon Tactical in normal, casual mode.

Either one works very well. Sam's work always looks good. The TT belt doesn't set off metal detectors (though some TSA points may still make you take off the belt) and also does not interfere with the magnets in the false lower buttons of some of my shirts.

Disclosure: Sam Andrews is a friend of mine; so is Mike, at Talon.

I met Cerisse, owner of Soteria Leather last Summer at a MAG-40 class. She makes nice OWB holsters; I am not sure if she makes IWB. Several participants of the class liked the OWB she was using enough that we placed orders on the spot.

I don't know Rob Leahy, at Simply Rugged, but I have owned several of his holsters. His Cuda, with optional Inside Out straps, allows a concealable OWB or IWB option.
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