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Originally Posted by gunsmokeTPF
This ain't no 3rd world nation. Leave the damn gun in the car, or stick it under the shirt and only a moron would get insulted and cut off his nose to spite his face by not voting.
While I agree that he should have voted and then pursued a complaint that his 2A rights were violated, that's his call. However, open carry IS legal where the incident took place, so why should he be expected to leave the gun in his car? The Supreme Court has ruled that the 2A is a "fundamental" right and that a "core purpose" of the 2A is self-defense. Rights that are not exercised are lost. If he has a right to open carry, the choice of whether to carry openly or concealed should be completely his option.

I would carry open if I were allowed, especially now that Summer is approaching. It gets hot, and always having to wear a cover garment gets uncomfortable.
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