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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin

Originally Posted by Lost Sheep
...These reports make me a little uneasy. Don't they do the same to you?...
Of course they do, and for a variety of reasons some of which go far beyond the topic of this thread.
But for our purposes here, the thing is that in any human interaction there is always the possibility of an aberrant response. But the mere possibility of such response is not a good reason to forebear from doing the right thing.

And of course, in the real world no matter what we're talking about it is always a good practice to (1) know and understand the applicable law; (2) conduct yourself in a way that conforms to applicable law; and (3) do the right thing in an intelligent, thoughtful, careful and controlled way. If we approach things that way, even if we get an aberrant response we'll be best able to deal with it successfully.
Agreed, Frank.

And if we don't do the right thing, we let such aberrant behavior slide and get worse. (But no one wants to be the test case, right?)

Standing up to a mugger is often done with force or the threat of force (and can be scary). Standing up for rights is no less scary sometimes, but we owe it to ourselves to do it. (aside from the general moral responsibility to report crimes and attempted crimes)

We often don't think of the "after action" activities of reporting to police or even just returning home as requiring tactics and training. But they do.

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