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Update with a bit of assistance needed

Ok I went to Cabella's. I purchased a can of Tripple7 FFFG, 36 cal round balls, 100 lubed wool felt wads, and a can of Cabella's muzzle loader lube. I will in the morning work on cutting down a case to make a powder scoop to get me close to 20 grains of powder.

I took the revolver apart. Cleaned it, and lubed it. Put it back together again. The only problem I am having is with the trigger. It is not keeping the hammer cocked unless I hold it forward while cocking. I am not going to shoot it like that. It seems very unsafe. I have watched a couple of youtube videos of putting it back together. I am so far as I know doing the same thing the folks on the vids are. The problem is I am deaf so hearing what the person is saying is not possible. Some help would be appreciated greatly. I will check back on this when I am having my morning coffee, and the Mrs. is in bed. It is now way past my bedtime now. So I am going to bed.

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