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Brady the repub who lost the last election by just 19,000 votes was verbally on record as supporting CCW legislation. Yes - R or D after the name does not mean as much in Illinois as Chicago area or downstate. Ryan the last republican governor was supported by the Chicago machine and was anti-gun and anti-ccw, whilst his opponent the democrat Poshard was generally pro-gun rights though I don't recall if he was pro-ccw. That lead to actual bumper stickers in that election that said "Democrats for Ryan" and "Republicans for Poshard."
There are good republicans that are electable such as Rutherford - who are pro-ccw and there are downstate democrats who are pro-ccw who could mount campaigns. That and given Brady's recent near election as governor - I find it well within the realm of possibility that a pro-ccw governor could be elected.

I also agree that an initial vote of a 3/5 majority in both houses is not the same as getting a 3/5 majority for a veto override. As we saw in Wisconsin previously under Doyle? - when all the chips ade on the table a vote can be bought or changed many times when the prsssure is on.

The current top dogs in Illinois when it comes to who runs the state are - Madigan first - the mayor second - and the governor third. The ruling party is at risk of fracture from the threes power struggles.

But I am more hopeful that a shall issue CCW law may be passed in Illinois fhan I have been in the last 20 yrs - dus to the hard work of grass roots activists in the gun rights community and due to the favorable court decisions or should I say landmark court decisions in recent years. If it does eventually happen - I have put my small shoulder to the wheel - but I will have a lot of people to thank. In the meantime the work goes on.
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