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Give someone a hand and they want your arm. The gun could've been concealed, but no that's not good enough, like he's the only marine vet around? Did he get an honorable, or general?

It's lovely how he had to show the world that it was his right to let everyone see that he had a gun in a polling place where people under stress are thinking about how things are so screwed up in the country and get ticked off while voting. Think a dentist would be a little upset if his patient was holding a gun in his hand while getting a root canal?

I'm retired LE and only carry exposed while hunting. Remember those panthers in Ohio that were cut loose by the AG for standing around with nightsticks? Anybody like seeing them packing on their hip? I don't think anyone normal would. This ain't no 3rd world nation. Leave the damn gun in the car, or stick it under the shirt and only a moron would get insulted and cut off his nose to spite his face by not voting. The NRA would run the other way before they would take on a case like this. Just my opinion.
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