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Suppressed SBR AR build advice

I just purchased a Thunderbeast .223A suppressor and an Aeroprecision AR lower to be registered as an SBR, the paperwork is currently getting signed at the Sheriff's office (hopefully).

Its been a while since I've owned an AR, and it was a varminter.

I started looking at options at how to build my lower, it was daunting to say the least. So many options, and I dont know how to seperate the wheat from the chaff. My intent is to have a fun, small, relatively quiet rifle to plink with, maybe hunt some small feral hogs, and definitely keep as one of my SHTF rifles (the main SHTF rifle being my SOCOM II, love it). I want a good, clean trigger, collapsible stock, large charging handle, high quality lower parts kit. I plan on having an 18" upper for long range precision in addition to a shorty upper.

Also, which barrel length would allow the shortest OAL with suppressor while not hamstringing me too much from reduced velocity? I was thinking 10.5-12 inches. And would a 1/7 twist rate be the best? I'd shoot the heavier bullets for hunting, but would also want to be able to shoot cheap 55-62 gr surplus in bulk.
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