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New to Casting. Layman mold question?

Hi I'm new to this forum and New to reloading as well so I may be asking questions that have been asked before. Any way i have been casting for a month or so still trying to get the wrinkles out and just went to load my first cast bullets tonight. (also my first live ammo) I'm using the Lyman 9mm 125gr HP #356637 before I started to load them I weighed them on my Gem Pro 250. They weighed 134gr useing WW so im guessing thats why they weigh more the the 124gr that the mold says they should be. The wight was vary uniform as they All weighed 134gr but my question is that the recipe I have from the Lyman cast book is to Start with 4.5gr of unique for there 124gr lead HP but my bullets are 134gr dose this change the powder amount or is Safe to use the recipe for the 124gr and start with 4.5gr? Being new to all this I'm trying to be a careful as i can. WOW sorry so long winded. Thanks for any help
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