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The magazine was a new one, not a replacement. It must of just needed to be broken in as it really hasn't given me any problems lately, besides a occasional FTF. Yeah i have been using this gun QUITE heavy since i bought it. 22 ammo is so cheap and you go through it so quickly, its nothing to go through a 555 bulk pack in one range visit. It is still going strong, i dont really see any performance issues with the slide damage besides cosmetic, but ill eventually call Ruger and talk to them about it.

Since its not causing any major issues now, im gonna wait alittle bit till they get caught up on orders and what not. I dont want to have to wait forever to have them fix it or send a replacement since they are so far behind on everything. Its probably my favorite gun to shoot at the moment, ill probably have to buy another one since ill probably have this one worn out in no time.

Has anyone else with the slide damage issue called Ruger about it yet? I was curious to see what they actually said and what they did for you.
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