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I agree that if it were me, I would have just placed the firearm in my vehicle, voted, and then went about my way...potentially bringing it to the attention of authority through the appropriate channels; that is if I felt it were worth the time and effort in relation to any beneficial outcome that may arise.

Additionally, I agree with you on the whole image of open carry...some people do seem to strut around like look at me with my gun. To me that's not what its about at all. I carry concealed for self defense purposes only.
I don't want people to know I'm carrying or draw any attention.

Causing a big scene only makes you look like a 'gun nut' that wants political attention.

Nonetheless, if there were no signs posted and no legal statutes in place, he should have been able to cast his vote with the gun on his hip and go about his business.

If the establishment doesn't want people carrying in their building or on their grounds it should be posted. If the law doesn't want people carrying in certain places, it should be documented.

I'm sure something will come from this, even if its a no firearms sticker slapped on the door of the fire department.
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