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I will bet his sole intent was to be turned away and make a case of it. Sounds that way to me, but I wasn't there. It seems some Oc'ers love that kind of attention. Maybe this will cause a California like reaction and they will ban OC. Maybe it will not.

That being said, we have a saying around my agency of no MSU. Meaning, no Making Shiz Up. If its not illegal, its not illegal. Such if life. The rules are the rules and we play by them. If I get called to a situation where I can't find a statute that covers that sutuation, so be it.

I wonder of the fire chief just decided that he, acting as the chief, decided he didn't want the guy in the building with a gun. If thats his decision to make, this guy can cry all he wants, and he will lose. Property owners/occupants rights are just as important as ths guys rights.
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