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Further research reveals I was mistaken on the votes needed to override the governors veto - Countzero is correct it is 3/5 majority of both houses. So, in theory if the votes stayed the same, the same majority needed to pass it in the first place would be enough to override a veto.

Efforts have and are being made by grassroots activists to reach out and educate the African American community and just the general population in the Chicago-land area. And there has been some progress.

A republican governor could be elected in Illinois - in the last election the current governor barely won by just 19,000 odd votes. Or a pro-gun democratic governor could also be elected.

So, there is more hope than I thought. I agree that the statement - "Illinois is the only state without legal concealed carry" helps persuade some legislators as do the CCW court cases brought by Gura/SAF and the NRA.

It is hard to hold the old - "blood in the streets" Brady line when every other state has some form of legal carry. And many believe they see the handwriting on the wall given the pending court cases.
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