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Has anybody considered that....

Continuing this discussion, here a link in today's Houston Chronicle

Has anybody considered that carrying a pistol openly is more likely to make you a target to a predator?

I carry concealed everyday, however I'm not about to open carry even if it was allowed. I think about all those newly release convicts that exit the cities bus stations all over the country. If they saw a 58 year old like me openly carrying all they would have to do is find a fist size rock, tuck it in their pocket and follow me to a nearby elevator, parking garage, office building hallway and from behind bash me in the head and pronto he has an untraceable gun and is back in business.

Now we have an experienced/hardned criminal with a weapon on the loose. In my opinion open carry is a bad idea or at least a good thing carried too far.

I'd like to hear what others think?
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