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Does anyone have a "true " measure of the speed of these animals ? I had one experience where we were driving at 55 mph and a pronghorn joined us , pacing us for a mile or two. He gave no sign of effort and when bored with game he accelerated and left us in the dust !! He must have gone 70 mph ! I've seen many numbers of their speed but no one seems to actually measured it like we did. Do any of you have a real measured max speed ??
We had one pace us a few years ago too. He had no problem running with us at 55 mph and he looked like he was just getting warmed up. Had we not ran out of road, I believe he could hit 60 or more.

As far as tips, I'll echo Kraig a little.

Wear heavy pants and bring a long a good pair of leather gloves. Those will help keep needles out of your hands on a stalk.

Be prepared to shoot in windy conditions.

Be on the look out for rattlesnakes.

Be ready to take your shot at ranges from 20 yards to 300. I've had as many close shots as long ones.

Be prepared for both warm and cool weather. On one trip, it was 70 one day and the next morning we woke up to 3" of snow.

Finally, even if a herd busts you, don't give up. If they don't spook and run, you can often slowly sink into the sage and after 10 minutes or so, the herd might not consider you a threat giving you a shot.

Yes, antelope can and do jump fences.

Finally, if you do get a nice buck, be careful dragging it out enroute to the taxidermist. They are fragile animals and the hair can come during your drag.
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